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Summerland Credit Union Ltd

Customer owned and more than just banking

Summerland Credit Union Ltd

94 Summerland Way, Kyogle, New South Wales 2474

1300 802 222
02 6632 2187

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  • Summerland Credit Union is a Mutual or co-operative financial institution. Our members who are also our customers, own the business
  • We are democratic- one member/one vote
  • We are structured where each customer has one equal share; which gives each person an equal voting right, irrespective of the financial value of their relationship with Summerland
  • Our home loans are available for owner-occupiers and investment properties. Business loans help local businesses grow. Car and personal loans make it easy for customers to get what they need straight away. Our very fast response to loan enquiries sets us apart from our competition.
  • When you invest your funds with Summerland, they are safe and secure. Deposits are protected by the Federal Government’s Deposit Guarantee just the same as they would be if invested in a bank.(the same $250k/customer limit to the guarantee applies to all Financial Institutions)
  • Summerland can offer this guarantee as it has a banking licence, is an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI) and is controlled by the same government authorities as banks are.
  • As we are owned by our customers, we do not answer to external shareholders
  • Decisions are made to benefit our customers
  • Surpluses are retained and returned to customers through enhanced services and reduced fees

Summerland’s History

  • Summerland started in 1964 as the Norco Employees Co-operative Credit Union
  • We are the combination of 14 different Credit Unions combined to become a strong financial institution trading under the name of Summerland Credit Union
  • We are in the top 20 credit unions in Australia with over 26,000 members
  • Our Business Values are summarised by the word ‘SCORE’ – representing the ideals of Sustainability, Community, Ownership, Respect, Ethical

We are in the business of Banking

  • Our Products – Loans, Accounts, Investments, Debit, eftpos & Credit Cards, Insurance, Foreign Currency and International transfers, Financial Planning
  • Our Services – we take the time to help customers tailor their banking to suit them and help them make the most of their finances; National ATM Network; Internet, Mobile & Phone Banking. It’s worth noting that 96% of all of our transactions are electronic. This frees our staff up to provide individual assistance to customers –because everyone is different. Our phone support centre also known as our eBranch, is available to help wherever customers live or travel in Australia. We also assist customers travelling overseas.

We are committed to environmental sustainability and were the first business on the north coast to achieve Silver Partner Status with the NSW state government’s Sustainability Advantage Program and we are now working towards our Gold Partner status.

Summerland Football is Summerland’s online banking brand - allowing football (soccer) fans, players, clubs and enthusiasts to perform their banking with a Financial Institution which shares their passion for football.

Community Involvement

  • Sponsorship – each year we provide financial and in-kind assistance to dozens of sporting, educational, cultural, community & sporting groups every year. This is how we return a financial benefit to the communities we serve. We were the inaugural scholarship donor at Southern Cross University and continue to provide an annual scholarship to one new student at Southern Cross University
  • We are involved in assisting less fortunate communities in the south-east Asia & South Pacific region. In June 2013, we conducted a very successful financial literacy program for 1500 school children in Cambodia
  • Our Cash4Clubs program assists sporting clubs at the grass roots to generate additional sponsorship funding
  • Our Cash4aCause program provides an opportunity for community organisations to generate additional sponsorship funds when their organisation’s members take up Summerland products like loans and investments

In Summary

Our key difference between Summerland and the banks is that we are owned by our customers and decisions are made to benefit our customers.

We contribute to the local community through employment, sponsoring local organisations & events, improving people’s financial literacy and helping customers make the most of their money to achieve their financial dreams.

People bank with Summerland because they care about the quality of their banking service and share similar personal values with Summerland.

Opening hours

Opening hours

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Closed for lunch 12.30pm to 1.30pm weekdays.