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Who and what is the chamber of commerce?

Kyogle & District Chamber of Commerce (KDCC) is simply a group of dedicated people acting in the interest of improving commerce in the Kyogle area. Members organise events and activities that attract business to Kyogle. The Chamber also supports business by working together on issues that affect business livelihood such as the shop local campaign.

Why become a member?

  • Advertising via television and paper media has been very effective over the last few years. This advertising occurs through the Chamber acting as a self-helping body.
  • The Chamber supports all members who may seek assistance and advice.
  • Being involved in making choices that directly influence and affect Kyogle business is an important and rewarding role. We need your involvement whether large or small, to continually improve our prosperity as businesses and control the direction in which we see Kyogle growing. Being part of the Chamber allows you to put your ideas forward for the future improvement for all business in Kyogle.
  • Members are featured on our Local Directory within their respective categories and are given a premium listing to showcase their business.
  • Chamber is also a member of the NSW Business Chamber which offers support and information to members. We will access this information and hold workshops on various issues relating to your business.

Too busy to attend meetings?

You will be included in the decision making process by having minutes of the meetings emailed to you. We endeavour to work on behalf of ALL business and in their best interest.

How much?

Annual membership for Chamber is $165.00 including GST

This money primarily goes towards advertising and events planning.

Join Kyogle & District Chamber of Commerce today, and start putting those ideas into action!

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